ActivityPub in Go? Go Federate!

- Tired of applications that silo its users?

- Want to join a decentralized network of social interactions?

- Have a Go app that lacks social functionality?

- Got a great social experience and looking to implement it in Go?

- Looking to extend the fediverse?

- Would you like a pony?

go-fed/activity can help with all your non-equine needs!

v1.0.0 has been released as of July 9, 2020! Woot!

ActivityPub is a protocol that different social applications use to communicate with each other. This lets users on Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed, PeerTube, and many other kinds of software talk, follow, share, and like each other's content.

Whether you want to create a new social app or retrofit social functionality into an existing one, ActivityPub lets everyone use each other's network effect by pitching in together! This is the Fediverse.

go-fed/activity is unlike most other software on the Fediverse. It is the first standalone ActivityPub library. It is also the pioneering solution in Go. It is designed for those who have no prior experience with ActivityPub, ActivityStreams, JSON-LD, or RDF.

Come join the Federation and have your Go application support ActivityPub today!

Come start by reading the overview!

Who Uses Go-Fed?


Talk given at ActivityPub Conf 2020:

Find more ActivityPub Conf 2020 videos here!

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